Entry Level Positions
Updated On: Jun 28, 2024

A worker may begin at one of several levels, depending on whether they have prior experience, and the extent of their experience

Have you worked in the electrical field, and can you provide proof of prior electrical experience? (W-2s, pay stubs etc.) 
Or are you looking to get started, but have little or no prior experience?
Based on hours of experience, you would be placed in the Construction Worker/Construction Electrician (CW/CE) program. This is an hours-based advancement program with many benefits. These positions are not apprenticeships.

No prior experience, or limited prior experience:
Inside Construction Wireman (CW):
  Entry level is CW-1. Range is CW-1 through CW-3.  CW-1 starts at 40% of Inside Journeyman wage, or $19.42 per hour, plus benefits. 
A CW-1 is similar to a pre-apprentice.

Voice-Data-Video (Low Voltage) Installer Trainee:  Trainees are entry level, and start at 45% of Installer Technician wage, or $14.56, plus benefits. A Trainee is similar to a pre-apprentice.

Considerable prior experience:
Inside Construction Electrician (CE):  CEs have several thousand hours of prior electrical experience. Range is CE-1 through CE-3.  CE-1 starting wage is 65% of Inside Journeyman wage, or $31.56, plus benefits.

CE-1s have at least 6,000 hours of prior electrical experience, and can provide documentation of that prior experience (such as W-2s, pay stubs).

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