Apprenticeship:  How to Apply 
(There are three application periods each year ending on the 3rd Friday of the following months; March, August, November)

 1. Email to request an application at Complete application and return it.
Include: copy of high school transcript, GED/HSED certificate; copy of driver license, government-issued photo ID, or a copy of birth certificate.
If any additional document(s) is needed to verify the minimum math requirement has been met, include that as well.
(There is a $20 processing fee. It may be waived on request, in case of hardship.)
2. Apply in person M - F between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., at IBEW Local 159 office, 5303 Fen Oak Dr, Madison, WI 53718
(There is a $20 processing fee. It may be waived in case of hardship.)
Provide documents listed above.

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of assignment for an apprenticeship, and provide proof of age. Must be a high school graduate or have a GED/HSED. Provide copy of high school transcripts and GED/HSED certificate, if applicable. Must have completed one full year of high school Algebra, or one post-high school Algebra course, with a passing grade of C or better. If any additional document(s) is needed to verify the minimum math requirement has been met, include that as well.
If you do not meet the math requirement, there are resources to assist you.

Madison Electrical Construction JAC Notice of Opportunity (Inside Apprenticeship)

Voice-Data-Video Notice of Opportunity (Voice Data Video (VDV) Apprenticeship)

The Process: After the application deadline, applicants will be contacted by US Mail to take an aptitude test. Everyone who scores above a certain level will be invited by US Mail to an interview with the Apprenticeship Committee. The testing/interview process takes a couple months.

Sample Test Questions for practice: The electricians have their own aptitude test. It is not the accuplacer test. 

Inside Electrical Apprenticeship (5 years): Combines on-the-job training with related classroom instruction. Program provides a complete education in all aspects of the craft. Training extends beyond the specific skills required by any one employer. Requires at least 8,000 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training; plus >700 hours of paid related instruction (PRI or day school classroom instruction); as well as unpaid related instruction, (URI, usually night classes).

During required classroom instruction apprentice learns how to use, care for, and safely handle the tools and materials used in the trade. Apprentices also learn safety techniques needed to protect themselves on the job.

Paid classroom instruction is typically during the day and includes drafting, blueprint-reading, mathematics and applied physics. Additional unpaid night school instruction is required on the apprentice’s own time.

Apprentices are employed by a contractor for the term of their apprenticeship. The employer agrees to pay each apprentice for work performed, and to provide supervised, structured on-the-job training in the basic skills of the trade. While on the job site, apprentices learn approved methods of installation. They learn how to install, test, maintain and repair all systems and equipment.

Voice-Data-Video (VDV, aka Low Voltage) Apprenticeship (3 years): Apprentices are trained to work as Tele/Data Technicians on residential, commercial, and industrial locations. They work under direct supervision of a qualified VDV Technician doing Tele/Data installation and repair on office buildings, schools, hospitals, stores, apartment buildings, private homes, or any location where tele/data installation must be provided and maintained. Work includes: installing network, phone, security, and video cabling; terminating and testing twisted paired copper and Fiber Optic cabling; certifying the installation and testing of all cables.

Apprentices earn a percentage of the Inside Journeyworker or VDV Technician wage.
Inside Apprentices begin at 45% of JW wage (equals $20.19/hour, plus benefits). They advance through six pay periods (from 45% through 80% of JW scale)
VDV Apprentices begin at 50% of VDV Technician wage (equals $15.32/hour, plus benefits) They advance through six pay periods (from 50% through 85% of Technician scale)
To learn more contact the IBEW 159 office, (608) 255-2989.

Scholarships available 

What tools will I need?  (See Tool Lists)

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