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News from Local 159

Licensure Info

To all Brother’s and Sister’s

Wisconsin Dept of Safety and Professional Services is looking at April 1 as a firm date. Electrician are reguired to have a license by April 1 otherwise they cannot work. Wisconsin Dept of Safety and Professional Services think they can handle the volume of applications that should be submitted in the next few days to ensure everyone who should be licensed does receive the credential in time. And they're telling us that many applications have been processed already.

Please don't count on this current status to change. Other groups have raised concerns too but Wisconsin Dept of Safety and Professional Services seems to think it will be fine. So please get your applications in ASAP.

Also, the DSPS website still refers to "beginner electrician" and hasn't been changed yet to "registered electrician".Read more... “Licensure Info”

The Next Generation: A Handbook for Mentoring Future Union Leaders

The Next Generation aims to help unions and other organizations incorporate
leadership development into their regular scheme of work. The Institute for
Women’s Policy Research has compiled a basic, yet detailed, how-to manual
for setting up and executing an effective mentoring program. Replete with “best
practice” examples from mentoring programs that actually work, this manual can
be used to begin a mentoring program from scratch or shore up one that’s already in
place. Using the manual’s tools for two-way communication and appended forms
for measuring mentoring progress will ensure that efforts to develop new leadership
are sustained, even as individual leaders themselves move on. As the handbook
points out, a mentoring program is really an ongoing internal communications

Berger Marks Mentoring Handbook 2012