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News from Local 159

AFL-CIO Releases Voting Record for 2013-2014


The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO compiled a legislative scorecard to grade how well state legislators have served working families in the 2013-2014 Wisconsin Legislative Session.

The voting record tracks how lawmakers voted on issues of importance to workers, their families and their unions.

Click here to view the WI State Senate Voting Record
Click here to view the WI Stat Assembly Voting Record

A paper copy is available at the Hall for you to review during business hours

Working Families in America Today

A May Day 2014 Lament for American Labor

A May Day 2014 Lament for American Labor


Today, May 1, 2014, is International Labor Day. It is worth summing up how well American workers—and their unions—have fared over the past year; since the so-called economic recovery began in mid-2009; and for the recent decades preceding.

What’s happened to jobs, wages and incomes, health and retirement security, and other indicators of the quality of life for the more than 100 million non-supervisory wage and salary earners—the core of the working class in America—over the past decade and especially since 2009?… Read more... “Working Families in America Today”