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Become A Contractor

Why would you want your company to associate with the IBEW?

As an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) contractor your company would have access to many benefits. The most valuable benefit is immediate access to the most highly trained electricians in the industry for your long and short term industrial, residential and commercial needs. We offer great flexibility when it comes to the type of electrician you need, allowing you to remain competitive and profitable.

Would you like to have a highly skilled and professional workforce?

We offer a workforce of unlimited skilled electricians of varying classifications including: journeyman wireman, inside apprentices, construction electricians, construction workers, residential wireman, voice-data-video technicians and voice-data video apprentices. All apprentices are part of a State Registered apprenticeship program to ensure continued future availability of trained qualified professionals.

Eliminate burdens and save money!

Another benefit is enjoying the flexibility of having skilled electricians when you need them, but you won’t have the burden of having to “carry” that employee or employees as projects wind down. When your project is complete you can either end their employment or move them to another project. This flexibility saves you money on labor costs, saves money on recruiting employees and you won’t waste time conducting dozens of interviews. IBEW skilled craftsmen can be on your jobsite in less than 48 hours.

Training, Safety and Education

In order to provide skilled electricians, Local 159 offers continuing education and training programs for all classifications. Some of the education we currently provide are: Transition to Trainer, CPR/First Aid, OSHA 30, Conduit Bending, Grounding/Bonding, Codeology, Code & Practices, Building Automation/HVAC, PLC/Motor Controls, Structured Cabling, Article 517: Healthcare, NFPA 70E, Fire Alarm, Significant Changes: NEC, JW/Master Prep Courses, Electrical Project Supervision and Competent Climber. We plan courses to the current needs and hold classes at the MATC Training Center on Commercial Ave.

These training courses serve to lower your safety/training costs. Local 159 stresses the connection between safety and profitability. Our members put safety first every time, which means lower workers comp costs, less downtime and absenteeism cost!

Administration Costs

Your company has no benefits administration costs. The package benefit contributions for your employees are administered by the Wisconsin Electrical Employees Benefits Fund office (WEEBF). Your employees would enjoy health care coverage, pension and annuity and you don’t have to do any of the work. You, as an owner, can also participate in the above mentioned benefits.

NECA and Negotiations

There is a contractors association that you can join for additional benefits. Regardless of your choice to become a National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) contractor, you will still have the benefit of being represented on a negotiating committee. That committee will represent your interest in negotiating the contracts under which we operate.

Labor Management Cooperative Committee (LMCC)

Being an IBEW contractor affords you the benefits of the LMCC fund. This includes industry advertising via print, digital, TV, radio and sponsorships. Also it offers the +5 program. The +5 program provides rebates to upgrade existing electrical services as well as a 5 year additional warranty on the electrical service for new homes, at no cost to you.

Intellectual Resources

Do you have accounting questions or need help with your bookkeeping? We have an existing relationship with an outside consultant that we can refer you to. We also have cultivated relationships with financial institutions, Madison College and Federated Insurance that are at your disposal.

We’re in this together

IBEW Local Union 159 understands that we are a service industry and we work with our contractors as a team. We know that the contractors want the same things that we do: to work hard, do a good job and enjoy all the benefits that working well together will afford. Associating with IBEW Local 159 does not mean you will lose control of your business, it means that you will have the additional support of many highly qualified people to assist you in growing your business and making sure your prosper.

How do you sign up or get more information?

Simple. Contact our office and we will do the work for you. Our Business Agent will contact you and be happy to explain everything. No nonsense, no pressure; just honest answers to your questions and honest discussion. Call us today!