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IBEW 159 has deep roots in our local community, supports many charities and causes, provides learning opportunities for members, and reaches out to and engages with community partners.

Licensure Bill: Wisconsin Act 143

Wisconsin Act 143



2013 Assem bly Bill 683

Date of enactment: March 19, 2014

Date of publication*: March 20, 2014


AN ACT to repeal 101.87 (5); to renumber and amend 101.88 (2); to amend 101.82 (lm), 101.82 (1r), 101.82 (3r),

101.84 (3), 101.862 (title), 101.862 (2), 101.862 (4) (b), 101.862 (4) (f), 101.862 (4) (g), 101.87 (title), 101.87 (1)

(intro.), 101.87 (l)(a) and 101.87 ( l )(b); and to create 101.80 ( I p), 101.82 (lg), 101.82 ( ln), 101.84 (5), 101.862

(4) (am), 101.862 (4) (n), 101.862 (5), 101.862 (6), 101.868, 101.87 (2m) and (3m), 101.874, 101.875 (title) and

101.875 (2) of the statutes; relating to: licensing structure for electricians and electrical apprentices; reciprocal agreements between this state and other states relating to the regulation of electricians, electrical contractors, electri­ cal inspectors, and electrical apprentices; exemptions from licensing and supervisory requirements for electricians; inspections of electrical work within ce1iain facilities; and granting rule-making authority.… Read more... “Licensure Bill: Wisconsin Act 143”

Mandatory Licensing Starts 4/1/2014

If you have not renewed your license or obtained registration or a license,


You can stop by Wisconsin DSPS at 1400 E Washington between 7:45am and 4:30pm to obtain or renew licenses. (Turn onto Dickinson St. off E Washington. It's also 55 N Dickinson St.)

Anti-Worker Legislation

The Destruction of Overtime Protection Bill, Assembly Bill 611, would abolish hard-fought overtime protections and wage rights for workers.  Instead of fairly compensating an employee for overtime hours worked by paying an employee time and a half in wages, employers will be able to instead give an employee comp time and have final say over when comp time is used.  The Assembly Labor Committee held a public hearing on AB611 on February 12. This bill is currently still in the Assembly Labor Committee. Keep the pressure up and tell your legislators you don’t want this bill to advance any further today! 

Like weekends?  The 7-Day Work Week Bill, Assembly Bill 667, has been introduced in the state Senate as Senate Bill 508.Read more... “Anti-Worker Legislation”

The Next Generation: A Handbook for Mentoring Future Union Leaders

The Next Generation aims to help unions and other organizations incorporate
leadership development into their regular scheme of work. The Institute for
Women’s Policy Research has compiled a basic, yet detailed, how-to manual
for setting up and executing an effective mentoring program. Replete with “best
practice” examples from mentoring programs that actually work, this manual can
be used to begin a mentoring program from scratch or shore up one that’s already in
place. Using the manual’s tools for two-way communication and appended forms
for measuring mentoring progress will ensure that efforts to develop new leadership
are sustained, even as individual leaders themselves move on. As the handbook
points out, a mentoring program is really an ongoing internal communications

Berger Marks Mentoring Handbook 2012