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IBEW 159 has deep roots in our local community, supports many charities and causes, provides learning opportunities for members, and reaches out to and engages with community partners.

Nurses Week 2021: Stand With Health Care Workers, Pass the WI Health Care Heroes Act

Our country asks healthcare workers to take on unimaginable risks and make huge sacrifices every single day. But our federal government has failed to lead in this crisis, leaving the response to state governments and our employers. Contact your legislators today and tell them to co-sponsor the Healthcare Heroes Act today! (Contact your Wisconsin State Senator, Assembly Representative and Governor Evers.)   CLICK HERE and please share with others! To learn more, visit SEIU HCWI


Joint Finance Committee Removes Labor-Friendly Provisions from Evers Budget

From our lobbyist:
This week, the Joint Finance Committee voted 12-4 on party lines (all Republicans in favor, all Democrats opposed) to remove all the positive things the Governor put in his budget as it relates to law and policy impacting workers and unions.   

The provisions eliminated include:   

  • Re-establishing Prevailing Wage Law
  • Repealing so-called “Right to Work” law
  • Repealing the prohibition on project labor agreements on public works projects
  • Repealing the prohibition on local employment regulations 
  • Recommendations from the Gov’s Worker Misclassification Taskforce regarding investigation and enforcement.  
  • Increase to UI benefit rate
  • Elimination of one week waiting period (Walker week) 

Unfortunately, none of this is surprising but important for IBEW members to be aware.  Much else was eliminated, as well including Medicaid expansion, legalization of marijuana, and a few hundred other provisions.  … Read more... “Joint Finance Committee Removes Labor-Friendly Provisions from Evers Budget”

IBEW Political Department News

From: Austin W. Keyser, Director-Political & Legislative Affairs Department
(202) 728-6046,

View this video of President Biden addressing a joint session of Congress on April 28, in which he mentions the IBEW in front of 27 million Americans,

 (Please note the IO Political Department is also producing a monthly newsletter that highlights how President Biden’s actions benefit working families and IBEW members.) The point has been made many times in the three-month tenure of this administration, but it bears repeating: We have never had a better friend in the White House than we do at this moment.