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IBEW 159 has deep roots in our local community, supports many charities and causes, provides learning opportunities for members, and reaches out to and engages with community partners.

COVID-19 Vaccinations for 159’ers

Public-Facing Essential Workers are eligible to get vaccinated now (scroll down to recent post, “Local 159: Time to Bare an Arm!”). Why wait, visit the Wisconsin DHS registry, and sign up today.

All Wisconsinites age 16+ are eligible for the vaccine as of April 5. There are now also seven new pharmacy chains offering vaccines. If you have not been vaccinated, and are not signed up, there has never a better time to sign up.

Vote Tuesday, April 6

Polls open 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. What’s your voting plan?

Find important info for Election Day here

Visit to: view your sample ballot, confirm location of your polling place, see if your registration is current, learn who your elected officials are, track your absentee ballot, and much more.

Who are the labor-friendly candidates? 
Glad you asked…

For Madison Common Council, District 12 Alder Syed Abbas, is endorsed by IBEW Local 159, and the Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin.  Alder Syed Abbas is a proven friend of Labor.

Vote Jill Underly, for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Vote Melissa Winker, for State Senate District 13.

Vote Joe Parisi, for Dane County Executive.

For more information about endorsements, races, and voting, scroll down to endorsement lists and links.Read more... “Vote Tuesday, April 6”

Local 159: Time to Bare an Arm!

Please share this information.

Public-Facing Essential Workers are able to get vaccinated now.
This includes:

Utility and communications infrastructure workers who cannot socially distance and are responsible for the fundamental processes and facilities that ensure electric, natural gas, steam, water, wastewater, internet, and telecommunications services are built, maintained, generated, distributed, and delivered to customers.

Read full details in the attached document.


Remembering Mother Jones, March 20 – Tickets available now

A live portrayal of Mother Jones, Political “Hell-Raiser”!

March 20, from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

More information at

Mary Harris began life near Cork, Ireland, grew up in Ontario, and then came to the United States, where she worked as a dressmaker and a schoolteacher. In 1867, her husband George Jones and their four children all died in a yellow fever epidemic in Memphis, so she moved back to Chicago where, four years later, she lost everything in the Great Chicago Fire.

Following these two disasters, Jones spent the second half of her life involved in the labor movement. From the 1890s though the 1920s she worked tirelessly as a political “hell-raiser,” advancing social and political causes such as the abolition of child labor and organizing the United Mine Workers.… Read more... “Remembering Mother Jones, March 20 – Tickets available now”