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IBEW International: Solidarity through Safety. Vaccines Protect Everyone on the Job


Check out the October issue of the Electrical Worker, our International newsletter. In it, 16 IBEW members share “Why I Got My Shot

It also includes a joint letter from IBEW/NECA on the importance of vaccination, as the country has seen more than 633,000 COVID deaths, greater than the U.S. death totals of the wars of the past 100 years (World War I, II; Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq combined). “We are in a war — one of the deadliest wars we have ever seen as an American people.”

With FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, IBEW/NECA leaders “implore each and every person in the electrical construction industry to become vaccinated against COVID-19.”
It cites the recent story of a Las Vegas father who died from the virus, and a message he sent his fiancee, “I should have gotten the damn vaccine.