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WE Can Help UW Health Nurses Go UNION. Contact Madison City Council Today!

Support the Nurses organizing at UW Health.
Register in support of Agenda Item # 55 (Resolution 67100):

They need to hear from you before Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 pm!
Or email the Council. Tell them you support a union voice and fair union election for UW Health nurses

See the resolution here.
(Scroll down. More info below picture)


City Council alders just introduced a crucial resolution calling for a union voice and fair union election for UW nurses so we can advocate for ourselves, our families, our patients and our community. UW nurses have been on the front lines of this pandemic, risking our lives and our families’ lives to provide quality care. We’re struggling with deep systemic problems at UW including understaffing; increased healthcare costs; inadequate continuing education; a lack of safety protocols; and difficulties recruiting and retaining nurses. We must have a strong, independent union voice to help solve this crisis and ensure the highest standards of excellence at UW. #UnionVoiceAtUWHealth