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Nurses Week 2021


Riding the wave of their March contract with UnityPoint-Meriter, the SEIU Health Care Wisconsin union nurses rallied at the Capitol on May 8, to speak out on behalf of UW Hospital health care workers, and all health care workers. The UW health care workers’ union fell victim to Act 10, during the Scott Walker administration. The future of UW workers remains unclear, but the assembled nurses sent a strong message, on behalf of all health care workers seeking union support. Meriter is currently the only Madison hospital where nurses enjoy union representation.
Meriter Nurses’ Success
In March 2021, after fruitless attempts to bargain for a contract that would address their concerns, more than 850 UnityPoint-Meriter Hospital nurses were prepared to strike.  After campaigning hard, and gathering support from labor and the community at large, the statewide union, SEIU Health Care Wisconsin, signed a new two-year contract with UnityPoint Health-Meriter that they say addresses their concerns over taking time to recover from working during the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the union said nurses hope the contract encourages other essential workers to advocate for protections. “This is not only about taking a stand for Meriter nurses, but also for all our colleagues throughout the hospital, and all healthcare workers and essential workers through our state and country who have sacrificed so much over the past year,” Suzi Kossel, Meriter NICU and bargaining committee member, said in a statement. Source, and full story at