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Joint Finance Committee Removes Labor-Friendly Provisions from Evers Budget

From our lobbyist:
This week, the Joint Finance Committee voted 12-4 on party lines (all Republicans in favor, all Democrats opposed) to remove all the positive things the Governor put in his budget as it relates to law and policy impacting workers and unions.   

The provisions eliminated include:   

  • Re-establishing Prevailing Wage Law
  • Repealing so-called “Right to Work” law
  • Repealing the prohibition on project labor agreements on public works projects
  • Repealing the prohibition on local employment regulations 
  • Recommendations from the Gov’s Worker Misclassification Taskforce regarding investigation and enforcement.  
  • Increase to UI benefit rate
  • Elimination of one week waiting period (Walker week) 

Unfortunately, none of this is surprising but important for IBEW members to be aware.  Much else was eliminated, as well including Medicaid expansion, legalization of marijuana, and a few hundred other provisions.  If you’re interested, here’s a link to the omnibus budget motion.

Here’s What YOU Can Do:

Contact your elected officials to object to cuts, and voice your support for Evers’ worker-friendly budget.

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