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Last Chance: In-Person Absentee Voting at Madison City Clerk’s office, Sunday, Nov. 1, from 1-5pm

Local 159 Family,
Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day.
The most important election of our lifetime is right around the corner and we ask you:
HAVE YOU VOTED YET? If not, do you have a PLAN to vote?

  • By Wisconsin state law (Wis. Stat. ยง 6.76) ALL workers can take up to three hours off to vote, while the polls are open. (See link for details.)

City of Madison residents can vote in-person absentee on Sunday, November 1, at Madison City Clerk’s office, from 1-5pm. (*If you need to register, that will NOT be possible Nov 1.)

Everyone can register and vote at the polls on Tuesday, November 3, from 7:00am – 8:00pm. Remember to take along proper I.D. when you vote. (If you are in line at your polling place by 8:00pm on Nov. 3, you will be able to stay and vote.)
Double check the location of your polling place, in case it has changed. Stay safe when you vote: mask up, sanitize, and keep your distance from others.
Deadline to register to vote at your municipal clerk’s office was October 30, by state law.

Next chance to register will be that at the polls on November 3. (Make sure you have Proof of Residence with you.) If you have an absentee ballot in hand, it must be witnessed and returned by 8pm on Election Day. (Witness must be age 18+ and U.S. citizen.) To locate a secure drop box in your county, click here. (If you return a ballot on Nov. 3, take it to the correct place in your municipality — probably your polling place. (Do not drop in a drop box at 8pm.))

If you want a poll worker to witness your absentee ballot, the ballot must be blank before you vote it, so they know you voted that ballot. Already returned your absentee ballot? Check here to make sure it arrived complete.

For more voting info see
Scroll down on this page for more election info.

In order to win this November, we need everyone to do their part, and VOTE. Union Values are on the ballot, especially this year, so do your part and make sure you and those around you have a plan, and are registered to vote.

The IBEW endorsed Joe Biden in February. Since then, our IBEW International President, Lonnie Stephenson, was named to the Biden/Harris transition team. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office, labor WILL have a seat at the table. See
There are still a few IBEW for Biden/Harris yard signs available at Local 159. We can also arrange delivery. Contact the office.

Watch IBEW Local 159 Facebook page for updates. You do not need to log in to see posts.

Take care and stay safe everyone.
Let’s win this together!
–The Local 159 Office Team