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Get Ready to Vote November 3!

NOW is a good time to register to vote.
And/or request your absentee ballot.

Yes, we just had the fall primary election, but the November 3 election is coming up fast.
The US Postal Service is experiencing delays, so if you plan to vote by mail, request your absentee ballot NOW, and when you receive it, return it ASAP. Some municipalities may also use secure ballot drop boxes, so keep an eye on your local clerk’s office for information in the coming weeks. The city of Madison just announced it will install 14 secure ballot drop boxes.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has posted some important deadlines and facts, for November 2020 (read on). Read the full article at

Now You don’t have to wait to register to vote or request an absentee ballot.  Everything you need to know is online at or by calling or visiting your local municipal clerk. 

“If you’re not registered, you can get registered online if you have a Wisconsin driver license or state ID card – just fill in a few pieces of information,” said Meagan Wolfe, administrator for the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“If you are registered, you can request an absentee ballot and it will be mailed to your preferred address.  Once it arrives, follow the instructions to make sure the ballot is filled out correctly and have an adult U.S. citizen witness your ballot.  Then mail it back to the clerk in the postage-paid envelope.”

Voters also can drop off their absentee ballots in-person on or before election day. “We recommend that if you’d prefer to vote from home this fall, you get your requests in as soon as possible to which will ensure you have enough time to receive and return your ballot and that local clerks have enough time to process your request,” said Wolfe.

Early September 2020:  On September 1, the WEC will mail information about voting in November to approximately 2.6 million registered Wisconsin voters who have not already requested an absentee ballot. The mailing will include an absentee request form and a postage-paid reply envelope.  Wolfe encouraged voters who choose to vote absentee to request their ballot as soon as possible, whether online or by mail.

Read the full article here