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New Course Fees

Note: this information is now outdated. See Course Fees – 2019

The Madison Area Electrical JATT (Trust Fund Committee) has voted to implement the following policy requiring payment of tuition and fees by ALL participants attending courses conducted by the JATT (regardless of IBEW classification):

Course enrollees (all fund participants) are required to remit tuition at the following rate: $7 per course hour. (For example: the tuition for an 8-hr. course would be $56; the tuition for an 18-hr. course would be $126; tuition for a 24-hr. course would be $168; etc.)

Payment must be made on or before the course’s start date. Failure to remit payment prior to the start date will result in removal from the course. Participants who remit payment prior to the course, but then change their mind, and wish to be removed from the course, may receive a full refund of their tuition payment provided they provide their withdrawal from the course at least five (5) days prior to the course start date.

Payment may be made by credit card or debit card only, and will be part of the online enrollment process through the Apprenticeship & Training Office ( The A&T Office is in the process of operationalizing the payment process on its website and a detailed description and instruction sheet will be provided within the next several weeks.

The course fees and tuition paid by participants are not subject to reimbursement. That is, course payments will not be reimbursed to fund participants, but are applied directly to offset the increased course costs (e.g., instructor wages, facility rental, equipment, physical plant improvements, etc.)

For inquiries or complaints about the new payment requirements, email your concerns to

The Apprenticeship office is close to setting up the payment system on their website. They hope to have it ready by next week.