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Right to Work Rally Info

rtw rally

Great to see so many 159’ers (and other IBEW’ers) on the Square this past week. In case you have not already heard, apparently 1,751 people/entities registered against Right To Work (RTW, also known as SB-44) this past Tuesday. Only 25 registered in favor of RTW.

As you have probably heard, there will be a rally on the State Street corner of the Square tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 28, at noon. The weather forecast is 20 degrees, no snow. People will be bussing in from all around the state.

Hope to see you there – let’s try to fill the Square.

This Monday, March 2, there is a public hearing (10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) in Room 417 North, Capitol before the Assembly Labor Committee. Please try to get there and register against RTW. All you need is your name and address, and an “X” in the “against” box. Based on last week, they could end the hearing early, so get there early. It ain’t over till it’s over. If you/family live in committee members’ districts (below), please contact them. (6 Repubs, 3 Dems.)

Assembly Labor Committee members are:

Representative Jacque (Chair), R-DePere, District 2. (608) 266-9870;

Toll-free (888) 534-0002,,

Representative Spiros (Vice-Chair), R-Marshfield, Dist 86. (608) 266-

1182; (888) 534-0086.

Representative Knodl, R-Germantown, Dist 24. (608) 266-3796; (888)


Representative Kapenga, R-Delafield, Dist 99. (608) 266-3007; (888)


Representative Kulp, R-Stratford, Dist 69. (608) 267-0280; (888) 534-


Representative Kuglitsch, R-New Berlin, Dist 84. (608) 267-5158; (888)


Representative Sinicki, D-Milwaukee, Dist 20. (608) 266-8588; (888)


Representative Mason, D-Racine, Dist 66. (608) 266-0634; (888) 534-


Representative Ohnstad, D-Kenosha, Dist 65. (608) 266-0455; (888)


Thursday, March 5, the RTW bill is expected to go to the full Assembly floor. (Time to be announced.) The AFL-CIO is asking people to be there throughout the entire floor debate.

Please mark your calendar for these events, if you are able.

Sign up for email updates from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, and/or from SCFL, if you want to keep current. AND Some background on the Senate RTW vote:

The senate vote was 18-14 (Repubs vs Dems), to send RTW forward next week. Interesting that Republican Jerry Petrowski (29th Senate District) cast the lone Republican vote against RTW. Petrowski spent 9 years as a union machinist at Marathon Electric (IBEW 1791). Consider sending him your thanks -I did- and mention your IBEW connection. If you know anyone in his district, please encourage them to do the same. (The 29th Senate District map runs north and west of Wausau, covering Taylor, Rusk and Sawyer Counties, including towns of Medford, Ladysmith and Hayward.) (608) 266-2502