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Anti-Worker Legislation

The Destruction of Overtime Protection Bill, Assembly Bill 611, would abolish hard-fought overtime protections and wage rights for workers.  Instead of fairly compensating an employee for overtime hours worked by paying an employee time and a half in wages, employers will be able to instead give an employee comp time and have final say over when comp time is used.  The Assembly Labor Committee held a public hearing on AB611 on February 12. This bill is currently still in the Assembly Labor Committee. Keep the pressure up and tell your legislators you don’t want this bill to advance any further today! 

Like weekends?  The 7-Day Work Week Bill, Assembly Bill 667, has been introduced in the state Senate as Senate Bill 508. The Assembly Labor Committee held a hearing on AB667 on February 12, but did not vote the bill out of committee yet.  This bill would roll back the clock on worker rights and create an environment where workers are intimidated and pressured into working 7-days a week, every week, all year.  It is expected that legislators will vote on this ludicrous bill in the coming days or weeks.  This is a direct attack on workplace safety, families and communities.  People aren’t machines and need rest for physical and emotional well-being.  Send a message to your legislator today and tell them NO to killing weekends and working 7-days a week.

Hands off local control!  On Monday, March 3, the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee will hold a public hearing on the Living Wage Preemption Bill.  The hearing will take place in Room 411S of the State Capitol at 11:00 a.m.  Assembly Bill 750 has passed with a vote of 56 to 37 along party lines with two Democrats absent.  Its companion bill, Senate Bill 626, is moving fast.  This bill undermines local democracy and strips away democratic rights from local citizens in determining the best path forward for their community. Join us at the hearing and click here to call your legislator in opposition of SB626.

Walker’s irresponsible tax scheme, announced during the State of the State address, deprives the state and local communities of needed public resources in a foolish political ploy to win votes.  The surplus scheme has passed the state Assembly and is expected to be voted on in the Senate next week.  This is an aggressive and reckless misuse of public dollars made possible by drastically cutting education, health care and municipal aid in Walker’s first budget.  Instead of investing in our future, in roads and bridges and schools, in worker rights, health care and jobs, Gov. Walker is spending a surplus that isn’t there yet.  In true Walker fashion, this tax cut favors the wealthy and large property owners.  The Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy analysis finds that middle class households (incomes between $37,000 and $66,000) in Wisconsin would see an average cut of $117 while the top 1% ($380,000 or more) would enjoy an average $951 in savings. Walker’s tax cuts is expected to increase the state's projected shortfall for the next two-year budget by $99 million.

Wisconsin is heading down the wrong path under Gov. Walker’s leadership.  Worker rights and protections continue to be stripped away by GOP legislators doing the bidding of corporate special interests.  Raise your voice and contact your legislators in opposition of anti-worker bills today!

In Solidarity,